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PC: Your Local Library

Well I was at my local library looking through the rail section and I 
noticed that they have quite a collection railroad self destruction books.  
They have "The Late, Great, Pennsylvania station", "Wreck of the Penn 
Central" (paperback), "The Fallen Collosus" (hardcover) and "Derailed", a 
new book about how Amtrak sucks and should be done away with that I do not 
aggree with.  I own the hardcover "Wreck of the Penn Central" with the PC 
style letters, red and blue lines and B&W pics of train tracks.  However I 
like the paperback cover with the waste basket filled with paper and PC 
models a little better.  Also on a darked note, I checked back at my school 
library and in the recent book evaluation "Wreck of the PC" was gotten rid 
of.  I sorry I didn't snag it.  Finally on a completely different note what 
computer font makes PC style letters and if none do has anyone out there 
thought of making one?

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