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PC: Site update and reminder

Hey gang,

Despite the fact that I'm a dozen boxes of slides that I really need to
get labelled, I have completed an update to the Penn Central Railroad
Home Page. Lots of new photos have been added, including a new section
under the Eastern Region for Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines photos,
along with new work equipment and tank car photos under Freight
Equipment, a few new photos on the EMD Diesel page. Lastly, one new
photo has been added to the Northeast Region from Kingston, NY. Enjoy!

Also, the last I remember, this was the *Penn Central* Mailing List,
not the Post-Conrail Day One Mailing List. So let's please keep the
discussion centered around the 1968-1976 timeframe. While the latest
developments on the former Conrail system are interesting, they really
belong over on Jerry Britton's Conrail-Talk list or elsewhere. Thanks.


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