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PC: Re: NS?...CSX?...PC!

They must have studied UP mergers, said they wouldnt do that, and then
copied it to a t!

Photograph a train today!


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From: Evil Mike <evillmike -AT- hotmail.com>
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Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 12:52 PM
Subject: PC: NS?...CSX?...PC!

>We have all been hearing how CSX and NS seem to be falling appart at the
>seams w/ this CR split up.  From what I can see things are getting worse.
>First towns in NJ were complaining because trains were left idiling for
>24 hour stretches due to a lack of crews.  Also due to the fact that a
>hasn't run on time for days UPS pulled all its traffic off trains and put
>them on trucks untill the problems go away.  The Philadelphia water
>treatment system is now taking a hit.  They get chlorine delivered right to
>the plants via tank car.  They even keep a 30 day supply, but now due to
>late shippments their supply is down to 9 days.  I just got this message
>the Conrail e-mail list.
>The Philly Water Dept (PWD) chlorine problem is critical.  The PWD has
>already begun trucking gas into the Baxter water plant so that operations
>can continue.  A water department official went to Conrail's Frankfort Jct.
>looking for the tank cars and said that the yardmaster was nearly in tears.
>Apparently, the tank cars come out of Jones Chemical in New York state and
>are normally routed down to Frankfort Jct. for delivery.  When PWD called
>the chemical company, the only information that the company could get from
>the RR's was that the cars had gone somewhere in Massachusetts, they
>thought!  It's starting to look as if I'll be able to see my own Penn
>Central disaster.
>Ben Russell
>PA DEP Southeast Region
>Bureau of Water Supply Mgmt.
>555 North Ln. Suite 6010
>Conshohocken, PA 19428-2233
>I was just wondering what you all think the chanches of a CSX/NS self
>destruction is and what would they be reorganized into?  Also would anybody
>WANT to see CSX and NS go down the crapper and if so what would you want in
>their place?
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