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Re: PC: Road Slugs

Did the PC ever have any road slug units?  How about "cow-calf" units.
I had never seen a slug unit until we got the slug ALCOs.  Is the slug
concept fairly new?(The past 25 yrs or so)  It seems like the road slug
would have been a perfect set up for a lot of the coal and ore drags
that PC handled.  The same for Conrail.  I always thought that the slugs
would be confined to the yards.  I do have a picture of a Conrail hump
set, mother and slug helping to push the DE coal train West from
Rochester, Pa. up the grade to the state line.  Thats the only time I
can recall ever seeing one working a train other then when they are
being dispatched with other power to another terminal.  Then the slug is

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