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Re: PC: Hump Engines -Reply

George Alberti wrote:
> Thanks Bob, I forgot all about the carbody on covered wagons being a
> integral  part.  We have had a couple of CSX road slug units come into
> Conway on occasion.  I think they were GP30s.  The cab is intact with
> all controls still in place.  I believe you can control off the slug end
> if you had to.  The first time I came across one, I didn't realize it
> was a slug.  Boy did I fill foolish trying to start this thing.  I
> worked my way down the walkway  trying to figure out why there were no
> access doors to the engine room.  I finally came across one on the left
> rear of the unit around where the air comp. is.  Finally the light came
> on.  I still get poked at about that one.
>                                              George Alberti


	That was like the time the engineer of a CSX coal train on the former
C&O at Williamsburg, VA told the dispatcher that the lead engine had
died, the dispatcher asked him if he could continue with the second
unit. But the second unit of the two unit consist was a road slug!<G>


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