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Re: PC: Road Slugs

While the EL had some (a cut-down early boxcab and later a couple of
de-motored Baldwins) and the NH had at least one, I don't think any of the
other Conrail roads had slugs of any kind beyond the PC 9949 set.  I'm not
sure any of the other slugs made it to Conrail, either.

Looking at pics of the 9949 the RSD5 only used the radiator section of long
hood from the RS1, the rest of it being original.  

At one time at the Speno/Pandrol Jackson shops in former NYC facilities in
Dewitt I saw an RS2/3 turned slug.   No idea whatsoever where it may have
come from, it had no number of any kind and I didn't want to trespass to
look for frame numbers/etc.   It had blomberg trucks and the body'd been
cut down, though - I'd think it has to be very unusual. 
Bill K.

> From: George Alberti <Georgedieselman -AT- webtv.net>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Road Slugs
> Date: Monday, June 14, 1999 10:01 PM
> Did the PC ever have any road slug units?  How about "cow-calf" units.
> I had never seen a slug unit until we got the slug ALCOs.  Is the slug
> concept fairly new?(The past 25 yrs or so)  It seems like the road slug
> would have been a perfect set up for a lot of the coal and ore drags
> that PC handled.  The same for Conrail.  I always thought that the slugs
> would be confined to the yards.  I do have a picture of a Conrail hump
> set, mother and slug helping to push the DE coal train West from
> Rochester, Pa. up the grade to the state line.  Thats the only time I
> can recall ever seeing one working a train other then when they are
> being dispatched with other power to another terminal.  Then the slug is
> off/line.

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