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Re: PC: The Name Game

Interesting stuff about the name-game! Maybe this is documented somewhere, 
like in Wreck of the Penn Central (been long time since I last read) but 
when PC was formed and Conrail for that matter, were any other names 
considered?  For example: New York and Pennsylvania Railroad, NY PENN, PENN 
NY? I for one love "Penn Central" for a name -- and no offense to EL fans 
and the others -- but since it was largest part of Conrail -- too bad they 
just didn't keep the name. But -- alas -- as part of saying goodbye to the 
past problems and in order to market the coming of the new six RR's as one 
-- Conrail did make sense.  That's why with the death of COnrail we lose 
that connection to Penn Central -- because we always new CON meant 
Conslidated and that meant, well Conrail is nothing more than the PC, EL, LV 
and others in 1999...simply put together...
well, interesting thread none-the-less.

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