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PC: The Name Game

Whenever you have a merger you always have to think of what the new name 
will.  Idealy this new name will combine parts of the old names to make the 
parties feel included.  Sometimes in an effort to increase marketability a 
new name will be chosen.  Penn Central is almost an ideal merger name while 
CSX barely qualifies as an abbreviation.  It combines the two mergees' names 
and is catchy and easy to say.  I just wanted to ask the group what it 
thinks is the best name to come from a merger.  It is better to pick a 
completely new name and could have Penn Central.  Also what about the name 
Conrail, should there have been an effort to have a real railroad name?  My 
favorite merger name is Erie Lackawana.  I feel this way because like Penn 
Central it combines the names of the mergees and is quite catchy.  However, 
unlike Penn Central the merger name is far better than the names of either 
of the two parent companies.

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