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PC: Farwell Conrail

          It sad to see an old friend like Conrail turn into another
memory. I'm in agreement with you that say the the goverment should have
gave Penn Central the funds to pull out of insolvency instead of
creating Conrail. At least those you in
the old NYC country won't get harrast the CSX
rail police if you go on their property. No i'm not condoning
tresspassing, but what I'm saying is CSX is a railfan friendly railroad.
NS on the other hand are something else. Yes we'll see black engines on
the old PRR/PC routes, but unfortunatley it won't be PC black!

              C O N R A I L  (1976-1999)

               WE'LL MISS YOU "BIG BLUE"!!!!!!

 Ken R JR

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