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Re: PC: Irony

In a message dated 99-06-01 08:43:41 EDT, you write:

<< Don't forget that back in the day the PC owned 1/3 of the Norfolk and 
 Western.  They were forced to divest their interests in other RR's during 
 the bailout.  Now 25 years later N&W, now NS, has turned the tables and  >>

 Actually the PC never owned any portion of the N&W the PRR did own 43% of 
the N&W but were forced to sell the stock as a requirement of the PRR/NYC 
merger. It is ironic that 31 years later the tables have turned and the N&W 
is now the owner of the former PRR. Here's hoping that the NS will succeed in 
this business venture because if they don't all that has been accomplished in 
the past 30 years will go down the drain.                             Ken 

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