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PC: Stewart's Alco C628 And InterMountain F Units

Ken McCorry writes:

> stalled at 12V . One thing to mention as you will see when you get your unit
> you'll notice an extra windshield and air tank is included take a good look
> because the windshield is for a C-630 !!!!!  It took a long time to get here

Of course everyone has suspected such.  The groundwork to produce the C628
gets a manufacturer most of the way to a C630 and C636.  The drive &
underframe usually being one of the biggest cost considerations for a
locomotive. The six axle centuries shared wheel base. I'm not certain if
the variations on the trucks used shared interaxle spacing.  If they do,
then the drive train remains constant, and only the fuel tanks & sideframes
would be variable.

So if the C630 glass is ready, how much longer till we see the rest of the
loco?  :^)

These are such great times for us 60's/70's modelers!!!

Our Model RR Club had a tour of the InterMountain factory last Friday.
While there I had the opportunity to inspect several of their F unit test
shots.  The InterMountain F units rival the die work I have seen first hand
on the Highliners B units.  The shell assembles like the Highliners B unit
as well. The fans & grilles are separate parts which will allow IM to
model many F unit versions and variants. InterMountain's association wth
Plano Model Products will be utilized to produce very nice stainless
grilles to insert into the sides of the locos.  The F7 I was handling was a
NYC lightning stripe paint job, and looked quite nice. IM has comitted to
shipping the F units *very* soon now.  I am told the initial units will
have internal mounting lugs that will allow them to fit on Athearn and/or
Stewart drives. (Didn't say which Athearn dive, though... standard or
Genesis)  Intermountain will be producing their own drives for these locos
as well.  No info on when the drives will be available.

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