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Re: PC: Re: Stewart's Alco C628 Are Now at Hobby Shops!

The list on these units is $135. Remember these are built in the USA and not
China. I had the chance to assemble one last week at Stewart's to make sure
the instructions were correct and easy to follow. The #6200 was shipped on
Monday it's the single sand filler version good for the PRR/PC variety. The
unit comes with two walkways one has the footboards with the small V under the
coupler pocket. The other has no footboards with a larger V extending between
both front steps. You will also get two cabs one having horizonal headlight (
PRR/PC ) and the other having the vertical version. Units have working class
lights with green being on in forward and red in reverse. There is a switch on
the circuit board allowing the owner to change to a yellow class light instead
of the green one. One problem with this setup is that the PRR units only had
the red class lights so some modification will be necessary to be correct.
Plastic fuel tank sides with seperate fuel fillers and seperate air tanks.
Sideframes have seperate brake cylinders. Unit runs like a Kato quiet and
smooth the one I built only drew .2 of an amp while running and .4 while
stalled at 12V . One thing to mention as you will see when you get your unit
you'll notice an extra windshield and air tank is included take a good look
because the windshield is for a C-630 !!!!!  It took a long time to get here
but the wait is worth it. Now all we need is for Soundtrax to get their Alco
sound decoder out.       Ken McCorry

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