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PC: Re: Stewart's Alco C628

In a message dated 3/17/99 5:26:00 PM EST, ERIE-LACKAWANNA -AT- prodigy.net writes:

> List price would be around $100. Discounts are usually 20% less than MRSP.
>  That means shop paid around $75. each for them

Discounts to hobby shops average 40%, that way they can also make a buck.
More for Bachman-type stuff, less for certain brands, not including quick pays
and other extra discounts.  The shops paid about $80, so selling at $90
they're not making much.

Now if someone would do one in N!  The ConCor C6's are about 12 scale feet
short - what else is new.  I'm surprised ConCor has not done a PC steamer in
their fantasy schemes, but they have mentioned it in one of their fliers some
years back.

I'll still get a couple of Stewarts anyway for the HO layout, just cause
they're Alcos.  The Proto 2K GP-30's can wait a little longer.


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