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PC: M.B. Klein and other shops.

> List on these is $135, CHS price is supposed to be $114, how this guy is
> doing them for $90 I'd be curious to hear -

As pointed out by another poster, Klein is a large distributor, and gets
additional discounts.  I have been dealing with Klein for many years and
find their prices to be quite good.  The best part about their operation is
that they *know the industry*.  I've picked up rumors about stuff being
available 1 to 2 years out, and when I called them, they didn't say "Huh?
Never heard of it..."  They were ready to take a reservation!

Klein gets stuff almost immediately after it is released.  If you reserve
with them, you usually are one of the first modelers in the country with
the goods in hand.  I have dealt with other shops that have had their
allocations cut or dropped, and I've had to scramble to get what I wanted.
Not so with Klein.  Highly recommended.

I placed my reservations for the Alcos over a year ago.  At that time, I
heard the suggested price was in the $135 range.  I was fairly confident
that the price through Klein was going to be under $100, but was willing to
pay whatever it took, since I love the Alco six axles and *had* to have
them. :^)  (I've lived with the AHM models for decades, and always wished
for better...)

If you shop around, you can sometimes find better deals than with Klein,
but not usually. If you do, you usually are looking at some kind of white


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