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PC: Half GG-1


The info on the 1/2 GG1 that was published in RNE is in the March/April
issue of 1984.  This GG-1 was ex-PRR number 4864.  Mr. Dick Pfeiffer states
that it was for snow removal service in the Wilmington Shops. The photo
shows it (shot is B&W, so I do not know color of the unit) without markings
at all, but the shot was taken on Sunday, 19 May, 1974, which puts it in our
era.   It does appear to have some sort of "bay window" for the crew to see
I suppose...

The article was on the different air intakes for these units that were made
due to rare low temperature snowy conditions that would short out the units
due to the small snow crystals that would melt and create a vapor- that
caused the units to short- thus disabling them.

Now to wait for the C-628 to come from Walthers!!!  My coal train is

Garrett Rea

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