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Re: PC: Walthers Pullman Standard 86' Hi cube box cars

Have the 60' boxcars been released yet? Am looking to do some of the NYC
cars as restencilled PC, but if the paint is that far off, I'll skip it.

By the way, has anyone seen any ex-PC CR units still in service? There used
to be some SW1500s switching Beacon Park a few years ago, but all CR units
that have been here of late were produced post-PC. I wouldn't mind tracking
down a few survivors for photo purposes before the CR breakup scatters them
everywhere. Kind of depressing, this.....


Pennctrl1 -AT- aol.com on 03/17/99 06:32:16 PM

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Subject:  PC: Walthers Pullman Standard 86' Hi cube box cars

Just saw the Walthers 86' pullman std. hi cube at my local hobby shop.
model but......IMO the paint appears to be a scale 2 inches thick and color
match is in question.  Especially the NYC version.  It looks the same shade
that Accurail put on that ACF center flow they did a while back.  Needless
say, I came home with the C+O version which is done as the same car in Dave
Hickcox's Morning Sun book.  I believe we P.C. people have to get the
and paint,etc. and get to work again.         Happy Modeling ,

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