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PC: Re: PC80041 -Reply

>I also have a question for PC listers - When PC cut GG1 4846 in half and
>used it a a snow blower around the Wilmington shop complex could the
>unit move under its own power?  I have read conflicting opinions of this.
>When Amtrak took over the Wilmington shops they used the locomotive
>as a switcher.  Is this accurate? The unit was not scrapped until 09/83.
>For a photo of the unit see Odds and Ends in PC Power.

I have seen this 1/2 GG1 in back issues of RNE-  cannot check tonite, will
look when I get a chance, have to do some work and watch the deal on the
AMTRAK wreck.  I have a press release/statement from NARP on this if anyone
wants, e-mail me and I will send it.


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