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PC: GG.5

There are a couple of pictures of the GG1 that was cut in half to become
a self-propelled snow blower in the Karl Zimmerman book "The Remarkable
GG1." The pictures show a front and rear view. Some of the visible
details are the blower, and the all-weather cab window that allowed the
engineer to see to the rear.

Anyone interested in the GG1 should get a copy of this book. It is loaded
with pictures. Even someone from Dixie who didn't see the NEC until all
of the GG1's were retired for a decade (like me) will fall in love with
this locomotive after reading this book.

Quickly browsing the book, I counted nearly three dozen PC GG1's in
various pictures, including triple-headed PC units on a freight. There is
everything in this book from the construction of old rivets to an
(obviously) proud Ray Loewy in front of the restored 4935; there is also
a photo of a much younger Loewy in front of a new GG1. In addition to
just about every Pennsy scheme you could imagine, there is a bicentennial
GG1, AAR GG1 and CR GG1's. There is lots of Amtrak. There is (as
perviously mentioned on the list) a PC GG1 with The Flying Scotsman.
There is also a picture of a GG1 on the Strasburg Railroad, being pulled
to their drop table with a 2-6-0; sadly there is not a picture of the
other time Strasburg pulled a sick GG1 with a 44 tonner. You can see 4876
inside of D.C.'s Union Station (and I don't mean the train shed). There
is a great shot of a GG1 without trucks, in the shop for regearing. Not
only is there a Lionel GG1, but you can even see a cardboard GG1! 

This book would even make the most hardcore NYC fanatic a GG1 fan. Pennsy
did a lot of things right, but none was better than the GG1.

Bryan Turner

ps - Did I say you should get this book?

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