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PC: PC80041 -Reply

Randy & Sharon Mower wrote:

I took a picture of a unit numbered PC 80041.  This engine looks like a
switcher which has had its cab extended at the back, also the front
headlight was blanked out.  This engine still had its front radiator grill but
had a lube plate stencil which would seem to indicate it was classified
as a car.  Was this some type of switcher that was converted to a
power car?
I'm not sure but it looks like it may have started as a SW-1.  Anyone
know the story behind this engine/car?

Jerry Jordack responded:

There's a photo of the 80041 in Yanosey's PC Power, which says that
it was converted from an SW1 into a midtrain remote control power unit
for their ballast cleaning train.

To add a bit to Jerry's answer.  The locomotive in questions was 
PC 9549 formerly PRR 8549, PRR 5949 - The unit remained stored at
Altoona as of 1978.  
There was also another SW1 converted to the same sevice.
PC 80040 was formerly PC 8546, PRR 8546, PRR 5946 - It too remained
stored at Altoona, PA as of 1978.
If you are interested in viewing the train that these units operated with
see NYC's Later Power.  I believe there is a picture in the back of the
book showing the whole ballast cleaning train in operation near a grade

I also have a question for PC listers - When PC cut GG1 4846 in half and
used it a a snow blower around the Wilmington shop complex could the
unit move under its own power?  I have read conflicting opinions of this. 
When Amtrak took over the Wilmington shops they used the locomotive
as a switcher.  Is this accurate? The unit was not scrapped until 09/83. 
For a photo of the unit see Odds and Ends in PC Power.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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