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PC: Odd Locomotives

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From: Christopher J. May <csa4ever -AT- ameritech.net>

>Hey all,
> Did the PC ever have any locomotives from builders other than EMD, GE,
>and ALCo? E.G. Did they have any Baldwins, Limas, FMs (especially these,
>I love Fairbanks Morse), etc.

Yes, Yes, and Yes.

There were lots of Baldwin switchers operating out of Camden, NJ and
Wilmington, DE:
S-10s in the 7914-8048 series, but in the early '70s the survivors were
renumbered into the 8022-31 and 8265-8294 series to make room for GP-38s.
VO-1000s numbers 8047-8048 (ex-NYC) retired by the end of 1970.
DRS-44-1000s 8050-8055 (ex-PRR) renumbered in the early '70s to 8300-8303.
RS-12s in the 8067-8091 series.
S-12s numbers 8092-8199, renumbered to 8308-8344.
DS-44-650s numbers 7886-7913, renumbered to 8381-8388.
DS-44-660s numbers 7800-7885, renumbered to 8350-8380.
AS-616 (ex-PRR) numbers 6966-6977, retired by end of 1972.

A couple of Limas:
S-1200 (ex-NYC) numbers 8062-8063 were assigned to Camden, NJ and switched
30th St. Station in Philadelphia.

And a handful of FMs:
H-24-66 numbers 6700-6708, ex-PRR, retired by end of 1970 (never repainted).
H-20-44 numbers 7700-7742, retired by end of 1971.
H-16-44 numbers 5100-5174, all retired by end of 1970 (5158 was the first to
be painted in full PC scheme, with speed style numbers).

 I don;t recall ever seeing any pictures of those listed. If they did have
them, did they ever make it into PC paint?

Yes, most of the Baldwins, both the Limas, and at least a few of the FMs. I
have shots of FMs numbered  5158, 5161, 5166, and 5170, all in full PC
(albeit non-standard) paint.

> The other thing I was wondering about. Did PC ever run any kind of
>steam locomotive excursions?

Not that I am aware of.

Gary Stuebben
San Antonion, TX

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