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PC: F-units -Reply

Walt Gay wrote:
Just doing some research for an F-unit project, and noticed that only two
ex-PRR F-units made it to Conrail out of over 130 that came to the roster.
The majority were from the NYC. Does this say anything to the
maintenance by PRR and NYC?

Strictly speculating but here are some possible reasons:

1.  PRR was a mountain railroad while NYC was "water level" and PRR
punished their locomotives more than the NYC.  Ex-PRR FP7's survived to
PC intact as a group.  In PC power Yanosey speculates that this was
because they had lighter service during their youth. 

2. Many PRR F's were originally purchased geared for helper service
and were confined to this punishing service before being regeared for
freight service.   

3. PRR purchased many more F3's than NYC making the average age of
their F-unit fleet three to five years older than NYC's fleet.  NYC
purchased almost twice as many F7's as PRR and hence their fleet was
younger in age.  

Although only two ex-PRR F's made it to CR, Penn Central had retired
virtually all other ex-PRR F's by 1971.  In fact, between 03/73 and
04/01/76 due to their financial situation PC only retired seven F's
(including F7, FP7, F7B) 

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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