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PC: PC black, fonts and more...

In response to the post regarding the last units to wear PC black, seems 
like I recall when I was a teen in Olean, NY seeing PC black/Conrail 
units until about 1985 or '86. I distinctly remember seeing as late as 
1990 or 91 an EL scheme on the Olean Secondary between Hornell and 
Olean. By the way, the Falls Road Railroad shortline here in Lockport, 
NY has several old PC boxcars in the mix...I'm trying to get some 
current photos of them. One of the engineers told me the cars spend a 
lot of time tied up at a local industry in Middleport, NY on the line.
Regarding fonts, I have noticed a company called New Penn trucking wears 
a color similar to PC green and their logo font is close to the PC. 
Always wondered if they were an offshoot of PC that survived until 
today.  I see there trucks doing local deliveries quite a bit.

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