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Re: PC: GP-38 modeling...

Gregg Benedict wrote:
> My brass unit is a non-dynamic brake
> equipped unit.  On the roof is 4 exhaust stacks, the other two being
> where the dynamic fan would be.  The stacks are also rather tall like
> something seen on a ICG rebuilt geep.  My first impression is that this
> is not correct for a PC GP-38.  So, what is?  What kind of stacks are
> used on either unit (type and height)?    Thanks in advance...

PC GP38s and (-2s) were almost all dynamic brake equipped. Units that
were not included 7904-7907, which also had dual controls stands and
built-out front windshields (ala the PRSL GP38s). Photos I've seen of
those four units show two exhaust stacks, and were of regular-height.

The first batch of PC GP38s, 7675-7737 were built with oil-bath air
filters, and were later converted to paper air filters. From photos
I've seen, the oil-bath units had two stacks, one either side of the
DB fan. (See the September/October issue of Diesel Era for more of
PC GP38s, including lots of photos and a roster.)

It sounds like your model might be of a Missouri Pacific unit, as the
MoPac added four exhast stacks to many of their rebuilt Geeps and I
believe added them also to their newer units, like GP38s. To make you
model into a PC unit, you'd have to remove two exhaust stacks and
either add dynamic brakes or, if you want to model a 7904-7907 unit,
add the built-out front cab for the dual control stands. I've never
seen any commerical cab parts that will replicate this, but I'm sure
with styrene it could be done. But then, do you really want to go
cutting up a brass model? I guess you can paint it whatever colors
you want, including PC, but for prototype accuracy, you might be
better off buying some MoPac blue paint instead.

Hope that didn't completely burst your bubble, Gregg.... :-(


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