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PC: GP-38 modeling...

   I just received a brass model of a GP-38 in N-Scale.  I plan on
making it a PC unit, but I need a little more information.  GP-38's (as
well as the -2's) used paper air filters instead of the older oil-bath
type found on previous EMD's.  This isn't my main query, but it seems
that exhaust stack on the oil-bath filter equipped units consisted of a
single stack, typically ahead of the dynamic brake fan.  GP-38's (the
ones with the paper filter) seem to have a different exhaust stack
set-up.  I have the PC Power book and it seems to me that the
dynamic-brake equipped units had 2 exhaust stacks, one on either side of
the fan.  I cannot be positive of this, nor do I know what type of stack
is utilized (short or tall).  I do not know how it is set-up on
non-dynamic brake equipped units.  My brass unit is a non-dynamic brake
equipped unit.  On the roof is 4 exhaust stacks, the other two being
where the dynamic fan would be.  The stacks are also rather tall like
something seen on a ICG rebuilt geep.  My first impression is that this
is not correct for a PC GP-38.  So, what is?  What kind of stacks are
used on either unit (type and height)?    Thanks in advance...

-Gregg B.

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