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RE: PC: Josh Weis

I will check that out, also, VRE(www.vre.org)has a similer program.


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I haven't heard anything yet.  I'm still following a few leads.  I was 
told the program ran a few years ago from June 'til spetember and 
involved about 20-30 "High School kids."  Give the MTA a call and see if 
you can do any better.....the number for MNRR's main switchboard is 
(212) 340-3000.


>From: "Thomas K. Trower" <tktrower -AT- earthlink.net>
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>Subject: PC: Josh Weis
>Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998 17:27:57 -0500
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>Where you able to find out anything about the MTA internship program?
>-Josh Trower

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