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PC: Badges

I was hesitant at first about forwarding the info because I have seen
badges that were obviously fakes. On the other hand, I thought that some
of the PC experts might know if this badge is for real or not.

There are some items that are heavily faked, and from what I've heard
badges are high on this list. I generally look for the inexpensive items,
like timetables and coach keys that are still useful even if they are

There are some items I wouldn't maind having, even if they were fakes. I
need an L&N conductor's hat badge or two for my uniform and I could live
with a "reproduction". (As a bonus, I wouldn't be as upset if a railfan
relieves me of it, although the Transquip hats are pricey.)

As the other messages stated, buyer beware.

Bryan Turner

ps - If I can get my L&N badges I'll have a PC A'sst Conductor badge to
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