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PC: Cincinnati to Chicago Switcharoo

When PC merged, one of the many things done was the elimination of
duplicate trackage when the ICC would permit.  The NYC from Cincinnati
to Indianapolis was "abandoned" in favor of the NYC to Carlisle, then
onto the Northern Branch (ex-Cincinnati Northern) to West Manchester and
onto the PRR.  Then the PRR was abandoned in favor of running all the
way north on the Northern Branch to CP Ansonia and onto the former
CCC&St. L.  What I'm looking for is some info on the former NYC from
Cincinnati to Indianapolis.  Conrail, with stat help, rebuilt the NYC
and subsequently sold it to the Central of Indiana (now Railtex's
Indiana & Ohio).  Does anyone have a more detailed history of what
happened.  Politically this must have been a very interesting story!
Thanks for any help!

J. Erik Landrum, K8DTI (formerly KB8VRZ)
DT&I Historical Page http://w3.one.net/~kb8vrz/dti.html
"He's dead Jim.............."

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