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Re: PC: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?

What is to happen to the Conrail Es?  I heard the torch is one possibility,
I hope unlikely.  Is one an ex-EL unit?

Garrett Rea

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Date: Tuesday, December 22, 1998 1:21 AM
Subject: Re: PC: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?

>There are roughly 350-400 Penn Central units still in service on Conrail.
>These include the GP38s, GP38-2s, (most of them anyway. Those in the 8200s
>were bought new by Conrail) the majority of the SD38s, and some 76 of the
>SW1500s in the 9500 series. In addition, there are two ex PRR E8s that came
>Conrail by way of Amtrak. These only account for the PC units still in
>on Conrail. Others have been sold off to other railroads.
>Jim Mancuso

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