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Re: PC: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?

roughly 20-25 of the 6900 series SD40 rebuilds are almost certainly of PC
and PRR origin.  there are about 10 from Pac Rail and 3 CNJ in this group
and the majority of the rest were CR units before rebuilt.

There may be one SW900/1200 remaining also, I've seen shots of one as the
Juiniata shop goat, renumbered 1200, but do not know the origin of the unit
and I suspect it will not appear on any official roster anyhow. This is in
addition to some that are no longer in service but were still around over
the summer and as recently as October.

The SW1500 ranks are beginning to be thinned as units need overhauls and
things - on CR if you need a unit that small, they get rid of the line and
the engines become surplus.  You can tell generally the PC units from the
others in that:   RDG units had full handrails where PC units tend to have
handrails on the side of the hood;  also RDG units would be in two groups
as 9590's and 9610's - I used to think too that RDG's did not have
flexi-coil trucks but in fact one order of theirs did as did some PC's.

As recently as 1995 there were units stored that were still in PC black
paint as well as other colors - they went to scrap in black, green, grey

> From: Jejunabra -AT- aol.com
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Ex-PC Locomotives in Service?
> Date: Monday, December 21, 1998 8:19 PM
> There are roughly 350-400 Penn Central units still in service on Conrail.
> These include the GP38s, GP38-2s, (most of them anyway. Those in the
> were bought new by Conrail) the majority of the SD38s, and some 76 of the
> SW1500s in the 9500 series. In addition, there are two ex PRR E8s that
came to
> Conrail by way of Amtrak. These only account for the PC units still in
> on Conrail. Others have been sold off to other railroads.
> Jim Mancuso

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