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PC: Re: MO

     I first saw MO in a book called "On the Main Line:  The PRR in the 
19 Century"  There was a modern (1960) picture of the tower.  Later when 
I went on a rail trip to Pittsburg in 1994 I looked for and found MO.  
Since then MO was been symbol of life after clousure.  Over the years 
countless towers have been closed and razed, but examples like MO and AR 
gave me hope that something would still live on.  Now I am facing the 
reality that towers might vanish all together.  My region, South Jersey, 
has 2 standing towers, Winslow and Tuckahoe.  I am fairly certain that 
nothing will happen to them, but given recent events I might go back and 
find a hole in the ground.  For me towers represent the sprit of 
railroading and that sprit gets weaker every day.  On a lighter note I 
have found an uplifting UK website called the signalbox.  
http://www.trainweb.com/signalbox  In England the seem to know how to 
treat their towers right.  This site made me feel better.  I have 
contributed articles on American Towers and I have stocked the links 
page full of US signal links.  So I urge all of you to go out to your 
local tower and document it.  It can be gone in the blink of an eye. 

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