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PC: Society and newsletter name and other stuff

Hi fellas,
  A while back, I was inquiring to what this group would like to see in a newsletter/publication.  I did ask that the replies get directed back to me personally so the mailing list wouldn't get "drowned-out". I planned to submit regular updates and hoped to get more feedback. For some reason the discussion ended up on the list and seemed to get long winded.  After a while alot of "get the society formed first and deal with the newsletter issue later" replies came to dominate the discussion.
  That being the "majority" consensus I just let it die on the vine so to speak, even though I had invested  time, resources and money into the project.  The way I look at it this society formation can be compared to a pregnancy.  Do you wait until after the child is born to start collecting baby furniture, toys, finding a room or space, and other things associated with a child even though there is no guarantee that the pregnancy will come to full term?  
  I'm seeing the same thing with the HS name.  How is a board of directors to choose a name when first an organization must be incorporated?  Can you incorporate under the name "undecided" first, then petition for a name change after the board of directors makes up its mind?
  I think all of us realizes that whenever a group of people get together to make decisions alot of debating, long winded discussions and even head butting comes into play.  The fact of the matter is this is how consensus is built.  Without consensus  you can't get to the next level, especially in a democracy system.
  I do agree that this mailing list is not the forum for this sort of thing, but these things are going to have to be ironed-out if we are to succeed in forming the Penn Central____________.
  Perhaps net meeting or ICQ would be the way to go?
Just my opinion, I could be wrong

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