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Re: PC: Penn Central Historical Society Name

I must agree with what Bryan Turner said.  We all know how out of hand the
newsletter name thing got!

While we're all on the subject though, I'd just like to mention that as far as
I know, most RR historical societies with the ending of the title "Technical &
Historical Society" or vice versa, are the same groups that were the
"technical" societies when those particular railroads actually still existed.
I know this for a fact in the case of the New Haven Railroad Technical &
Historical Association.  The name of the group when the New Haven was still
around was the New Haven Railroad Technical Association, and I suppose when NH
merged into PC, the "Historical" part of the name was added.  The truth will
be found if the Conrail Technical Society changes its name to the Conrail
Technical & Historical Society.

If this is the reason for the "Technical" part of the name, it wouldnt make
any sense to add that to the PC Historical name.  Anyway, as Bryan Turner
said, lets leave this up to the first Board members to decide on the name.

John W.

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