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  In a message to the Freight Car List dated 29 July 1998, Jim Eager wrote:

<< Jeff, yes, Despatch continued to build 60ft auto parts cars under Penn
Central at least through 1968, Lots 141B, 142B, 143B, 144B, 145B, 146B, and
151B. After that and into 1970 I believe they only produced the components (DS
ends and roofs) and shipped them to the former PRR Samual Rea car shops for
assembly. The Sam Rae cars got PRR X class desinators X62, X62B, X62C, X63,
X64, X64A, X66, X67, X68, and X69.  I know that Despatch ends and roofs were
used through class X64 at least. >>

  Concerning some of the classes in the X64A through X69 range:

  When I first spotted it at the BNSF Clyde Yard exactly one year ago today,
back on 30 July 1997, I mistook CR 266707 for an "just another X58," because
of its external side posts and single-sheathed plug doors.  But this car with
an X65 class stencil had Despatch ends and roof.

  I'm not sure what an X66 looks like, but I may have come across an example
of an X66A.
  There are 4 large photos of a 60-foot boxcar with Despatch ends on pages
24-6 of "On CSXT Box Cars," by David G. Casdorph (Freight Cars Journal
Monograph No. 32).
  The car is lettered CSXT 165347, part of CSXT series 165331-165352, formerly
L&N 105474-105499.  These Plate C cars was built by the Penn Central in 1970
(Lot 1718-B).
  I have it listed in my data base as probably an X66A class box car, with a
note that these were "the only cars built by the PC in 1970 with the same
dimensions as the L&N/CSXT cars."
  Perhaps someone who has seen the original PC cars (or who owns a copy of the
"PC Color Guide") can confirm what an X66A looks like.

  The X67 is the Penn Central version of the 86-foot high cube, with Despatch
ends and roof.

  My photo of PC 264627, an X68 with Despatch roof and ends can be seen at the
Penn Central web site:


  Follow the links from "Photos" to "Penn Central Freight and Passenger Car
Photos" to "Boxcars."

    Tom Jelinek
    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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