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Re: PC: RDG locomotives

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From:          "Bill K" <pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com>
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Subject:       Re: PC: RDG locomotives
Date:          Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:00:03 -0400
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The D&H deal was a last minute thing. The EL was to go it alone and 
was not part of the final system plan. The resession of 1974 brought 
the EL to its knees money wise with the lost of traffic. Maxwell got 
cold feet and declared the EL was not reorginizable. By this time the 
Final System Plan based around the PC was in its final stages of 
compleation. The EL was just sort of forced into it to make it fit, 
with the results that we have today.
Bob Stafford

 Making D&H into 
"Competition" for Conrail was one of the dumber things the ICC ever 
did anyhow.   Chessie dumped their 40% of the RDG i think by the time 
those GP39's were ordered, though; they were the last new engines for 
the RDG.  Those are the biggest faults I find in Conrail though - 
making one huge system out of it and then making this joke of 
competition out of the D&H.  End result is other than blue engines, 
today's Conrail is more or less Penn Central.  well except they are 
making money, lol...  

Bill's Syracuse rail page 

: From: Mark & Cynthia Du Vall <mc -AT- wnol.net>
: To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
: Subject: Re: PC: RDG locomotives
: Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 11:29 AM
: > The Reading GP39-2's were bought on Chessie's ticket and were
: > returned to CSX when the lease expired in 1991/92. A Swag is the
: > GP40-2's were a USRA deal as they stayed w/ Conrail but it's only
: > a guess....
: > 
: > Doug
: >
: I believe that the GP-39-2's that you are talking about are the ones that
: the D&H had on there roster.  The reason why they were returned to the
:  The CSX financed the rebuilding of them for at the time power short
: D&H/NYSW.  Both the CSX and the NS had a big interest in the NYSW
: controlling the D&H.  This gave both railroads an alternative to shipping
: on Conrail in the Northeast.  The CSX was just helping out themselves by
: doing that.  Remember they were given to CSX just like the NYSW B-40-8's
: that they financed when the CP was given control of the D&H.  Blast the
: for such a poor decision.
: Mark 

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