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Re: PC: RDG locomotives

From:          DougTblood -AT- aol.com
Date:          Tue, 28 Jul 1998 08:47:27 EDT
To:            stuebben -AT- flash.net, penn-central@smellycat.com
Subject:       Re: PC: RDG locomotives
Reply-to:      penn-central -AT- smellycat.com

In 1974 when I was the EL Agent at Bangor, PA I got a call from the 
Agent at Scranton. We did not have enough money in the bank to meet 
the payroll on Thursday. Conagra had just gotten a unit grain train 
in. Could I approach the traffic manger at Conagra to write us a 
check so we could get it in the bank. I those days a unit grain train 
meet a check for around $110,000.00. I got the check. The Supervisory 
Agent at Stroudsburg drove to Bangor to get it. He was meet half way 
to Scraton by the Scranton Agent. The check was deposted and we got 
paid. We never had problems not getting paid, even if there where a 
few close times.
On the Penn Central I know employees who had there PC pay checks 
bounce! When you got paid on the PC you ran to the bank to get it 
cashed before the PC account ran out of money. 
Bob Stafford

 In a message 
dated 98-07-27 22:18:28 EDT, you write:

> Bill K wrote:
>  > 
>  > Was the RDG bankrupt?  they bought new engines on their own as late as
>  > (where the LV got engines with USRA financing).  I know C&O took a
>  > dumping their shares of RDG stock.
>  > 
>  The RDG was in such bad shape that near the end (1975), they didn't have
>  enough cash to pay their employees.  On payday, employees received both
>  a check (small) and a promissory note for the balance. I don't know when
>  or if those notes were redeemed.
>  Of course, like most other railroads, the RDG didn't really buy their
>  locomotives, they leased them.
>  Gary Stuebben

The Reading GP39-2's were bought on Chessie's ticket and were
returned to CSX when the lease expired in 1991/92. A Swag is the
GP40-2's were a USRA deal as they stayed w/ Conrail but it's only
a guess....


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