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Re: PC: What If

In a message dated 98-07-26 19:56:25 EDT, you write:

<< It was my understanding that the PC didn't want the NH but were 
 forced to take them to get the merger approved.... >>

Not true...In fact the New Haven wasn't inducted into the PC Hall of fame
until a year after the merger was approved. And...The New Haven didn't want
the Penn Central and Stuart Saunders' band of masked marauders. Who, by the
way, managed to ruin a perfectly good railroad (Penn Central) in less than 2
years! Deferred maintenance, decisions involving the green team, which stunk
of vindictiveness, even anti-semitism (keeping Alfred pearlman out of
Philadelphia, because he was a Jew) The Penn Central was the largest corporate
merger in American history, as well as the largest, most exclusive boys club
in the world. And, Saunders, his crooked board of directors, lawyers and other
rapists were the only invited members. Even the customers were unimportant.
Would you want your railroad included?

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