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Re: PC: What If

     Well that is odd.  My father got a nice hardback edition for his 
birthday when it came out, my local library has a copy and even my 
school library has a copy.  I thought I would be everywhere.  I'm sure 
if you look around you'll find a copy.  On the paperback cover there is 
a picture of a waste paper basket with all sorts of crumpled papers  and 
mixed in with are various HO Penn-Central model trains.  It makes a good 
point.  The fold out contains a management chart with PRR guys in red 
and NYC in Green.  For all those who didn't know Saunders was above 
Pearlman at the top of the list.  On the other side there is a chart of 
all the PC holdings and how much thy owned of them.  For example you can 
see that the PC controled, like 75% of the New York and Long Branch RR.  
Very interseting.

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