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Re: PC: Fwd: [dandh] Fw: NS Is Stepping Up Tresspassing Prosecution!

I live near both NS and CSX.  I have found NS police to be very professional
(except for one particular N&W cop at Bellevue back in '79 who had a serious
attitude problem) and generally nice folks.  An NS cop tends to hang out in
downtown Hamilton, where he tickets people who walk across the tracks (at a
very dangerous interlocking), but if you're just photographing, he'll wave and
pass on by.  The general rule is Stay Out Of The Yards and Away From Major

For those of you on the CSX side, I would also be very careful.  I have had
run-ins with CSX cops in several places on the system.  Again, Stay Out Of The
Yards.  Just be safe and shoot from non-railroad property whenever possible.

I have never had any problems with CR police, but I have known some of their
crews to throw objects out of the cab at railfans!  Most of CR's crews are
very fan-friendly, though.

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