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Re: PC: Putnam Div. & NYW&B //MBTA Old Colony

>  Its really too bad because the other two options don't work.  The Attleboro
> Line is far too long with far too many grade crossings and the Middleboro
> Line, which as I spoke of above, is quite filled to capacity.  But I wonder if
> they will refer to it as Old Colony.  It was actually Dighton and Somerset
> Pne more thing...  the Double-Deckers ARE running on the Plymouth line.  ...
> and they SAY soon to Middleboro. 

I'm quite aware of it.  They only started that recently!  I didn't even
think to mention the Fall River problems.  It wouldn't be so bad if double
track ran from Middleboro to Braintree.  From Braintree a four track main
into Boston would delay problems for a few years.

I'm suprised that you want to limit growth on the commuter lines.  I would
rather to see much better track arrangements and double track on both
lines.  I would also like to see bilevels on all the trains.  Right now I
think only two trainsets have bilevels.  I would also like to see more
parking space for the stations.  If you try to leave at 7:30 at
several stations, you'll be hardpressed to get a space.

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