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Re: PC: Putnam Div. & NYW&B //MBTA Old Colony

> This is all very interesting about the commuter train over overcrowding
> situations.  I'm sure this is something the Penn Central never had to worry
> about!  They would have loved it!

These passenger situations are always ironic.  Look at the City of New
Orleans.  There use to be the all pullman Panama Limited as well.  The IC
often ran several extras of the trains.  Now AMTRAK has difficulties with
just  6 cars.
> 1950s.  This of course, is why the Putnam Div. is not there today for those
> who don't know about it and were wondering what the Putnam Division was.

I'm kind of a fan for the NYC.  Which is why I'm into PC a little.  We
have to get our own NYC list going! :)

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