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PC: Re: PC Silverware

Kelly wrote:
>Did the Penn Central ever have its own silverware/china
>or did it use PRR/NYC items?
>Does anyone know a source for this stuff and a approximate
>price for items?
>How about linen's, towels, ect?

Regarding china: PC never bought any, with the exception of Metroliner
china. This was a ceramic dish in the shape of "airline" china. It is
completely white on top. It is backmarked "Route Of The Metroliners" & was
made by Corning. I know of 2 people who have them, but I have never seen
one. They are very rare!
As far as linens go, the following exist with an ink-stamped PC worm & name
logo: Dinner napkins (several varieties), hand towel (several marking &
sizes, including 1 really nice one with green embroidered name/logo),
tablecloths, sheets (several varieties), pillowcases. That's all I can think
of off the top of my head. Hope this helps once again.
Gary Farmer

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