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PC: Re: PC Silverware

Kelly wrote:
>Did the Penn Central ever have its own silverware/china
>or did it use PRR/NYC items?
>Does anyone know a source for this stuff and a approximate
>price for items?
>How about linen's, towels, ect?

    PC bought flatware in the Broadway pattern (similar to PRR) from
International Silver. Pieces that I know of: dinner fork, knife, teaspoon (2
different marked varieties), tablespoon, bullion spoon. I've been told that
an iced tea spoon exists, but I've never seen one. All are top-marked with
the worms logo. $12-$15 each.
    PC also bought Metroliner stainless silverware. These are smaller &
lower quality & only knife, fork & teaspoon exist. Top marked with the
Metroliner "split 1/2 moon" (for lack of a better name) logo & are
backmarked "Route Of The Metroliners". $5-$9 each.
    I'll respond regarding china & linens another day (my lunch hour is up!)
Hope this helps!
Gary Farmer

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