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Re: PC: PC(V)HS--the next step

In a message dated 98-03-13 19:07:47 EST, you write:

<<  If it will help, I propose
 creating a separate mailing list for those who want to discuss the
 formation of a historical society, which anyone who has a serious
 interest in discussing the matter can join and participate in. I'm
 not trying to stop the momentum of this movement, but I don't want
 to drown out our discussions FL9s and where that NRLX 47356 covered
 hopper is (anyone seen it lately?). If there is sufficient interest,
 I'll create it this weekend. If you would me to start a historical
 society planning list, please e-mail me off-list  >>

Regarding the question of creating a sep. mailing list just for discussion of
a historical society, I'd strongly recommend leaving things as they are for
now.  It's your list, but that's my two cents.  Thanks.

Ned Schwartz

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