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Re: PC: Re: decals

PC Followers,

     Today is a good day.  I picked up a few of the PC high cubes from
Athearn.  I have to comment that their lettering is great.  For the
price you cant beat the the lettering but for the paint that is another
story.  Close examintation of their NYC 4 door and 8 door high cube
shows me that Athearn has done the side step when it comes to paint. 
The colors are the same, which we all know should be different.  I know
that we have all discussed the possbilities of freight cars being
painted with old paint laying around the shop, but if Athearn really
wanted to impress me they would have tried to match PC green instead of
using Jade Green. I have to give them credit where credit is due though,
since Irv has passed on to the train station in the sky, Atheran has
impressed me with the new items that they have relesed.  That shows me
they are going to keep the industry honest.  I know that they are going
to raise prices but they will still be the best value in the industry. 
Just my .02$ worth.


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