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Re: PC: decals

Rather than bombard microscale with 100 or so requests. (which wouldn't be
a bad idea to show support for PC decals...)  I think we should attempt to
compile a list of ideas we would like to see.

Certainly high on my list would be a freight car data sheet done with the
PC style block letters.  Microscale currently offers such a sheet, but in
RR roman or gothic.   Part of this would be an appropriately sized letter
and number jumble for making up car classes.

What else... Locomotive decals should have a list of the classes, or the
letters & nummbers needed to assemble the classes. The loco sets should
also have the location assignment. (Columbus, Selkirk, Harrisburg etc...)
(What is that called anyway????)

Anything else?  Passenger cars. Black lettering for the SS cars and white
and yellow for the painted cars.  Car names would be nice, but we could
settle for a sheet of the Penn Central font alphabets in the correct
size. Does anyone have a lettering diagram showing the whole aplhabet?

Also on my list would be an *entire sheet* of ACI plates.  Failing this,
include an appropriate number of these with each car & loco sheet.  Right
now, ACI labels are only available   This would have wide appeal to more
than just the PC modelers...

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