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Re: PC: Speaking of color...........

Gregg Benedict wrote:
>    Someone mentioned this idea of the "red P" and "orange C" paint
> schemes used on some of the earlier PC units after the merger.  Does
> anyone know which units actually used these "untypical" schemes?  I know
> that some ex-PRR units received the "red P" and some ex-NYC units
> received the "orange-C", but what specific unit types were these painted
> on?  What were some actual unit numbers?
>    Also, were any freight cars painted with these unusual worms?
> -Gregg B.
Yanosey's Penn Central Power has a full roster of colored units. There
were some cars painted with red p's. I saw a gon a few years ago with
red p remnants when Conjob was removing some of the remaining Fort Wayne
Line  tracks in Whiting, IN.


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