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Re: PC: Hobby Shops

Rant mode on:
I used to work for a local hobby shop chain, and it was amazing the way they
treated the train department.  RC cars & planes could be sold to be
competitive with mail order, if not match mail order.  But trains, noooo.
Locos at some discount, but that was generally it.  Inventory? Hah!  We wern't
supposed to stock much, let em special order it!  After I was there for a
couple of months, sales started going way over what was projected, as I
started to actually stock items other than Bachman & Athearn.  Management
seemed even more confused a couple of years later when sales were increasing
through Jan, Feb, March & April, when the "Christams Rush" was over, and sales
were supposed to drop to almost zero.  That's when I had enough.  (So have
many others with this chain, we may start an ex-employee support group)
Rant mode off.

If you find a good hobby shop, stick with them, otherwise, tell them what you
expect (keep in mind they do need to make some money).  If they don't change,
or have a bad or indifferent attitude, don't go there.

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