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PC: CR Sign-up

>From: Bbbg cr 1 <Bbbgcr1 -AT- aol.com>
>Message-ID: <8efcd826.35005ad4 -AT- aol.com>
>Subject: Re: PC: PC fans
>Are there any Conrail mailing lists that are run like the PC list? If
>in the PC list knows about one can you let me know!!!!!
>Thanks, Brian

        Yes there is. Here are the sign-up instructions.


An Internet Mailing List

"Conrail-Talk" is a free Internet mailing list. It is a mechanism
through which individuals who share a common interest --
Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail), in this case -- can share
questions, comments, ideas, and the like. Both prototype
and modeling subjects are welcome.

As a subscriber, you will receive e-mail messages from other subscribers
and will have the capability to post your own responses or comments 
for others to see. NOTE: You must be a subscriber to the list in order
to be able to post messages to it.

Subscribing to the "Conrail-Talk" List

To subscribe, send an empty message with the subject "subscribe 
conrail-talk" to listserv -AT- dsop.com. You will receive a
confirmation that you were added to the subscription base.

Sending Messages to the "Conrail-Talk" List

To send a message to the list, send to the address 
conrail-talk -AT- dsop.com. All subscribers will receive the message.
Be sure to include a meaningful subject header.

Additional Commands

For a complete list of available commands, send the message "help" to
listserv -AT- dsop.com.

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