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PC: N-scale switchers for sale......

I have recently upgraded my N_SCALE fleet of switchers to the new
LifeLike SW-9/1200's.  As a result, I have several older switchers that
will be relegated to storage.  I thought that I would try to sell them
first, before they get put away and collect dust.  The list is as

1.)  SW-1  , made from a ConCor "SW-1500".  It is an older model with
the full KATO drive and mechanism.  Details include full length
handrails, new front and rear handrails, 2-chime horn, MT couplers,
bell, etc.  It is about a 90% correct model for a phase 2/3 SW-1 with
the full-length handrails.  Extensive modifications have been to the
shell (shortened), the cab (rounded, new roof) and the mechanism
(hacked).  It runs excellent and BETTER than newer models (ConCor
SW-1200).  It has been painted for Penn-Central, but is easily
strippable.  Make offer.

2.)  SW-7 (2) ,  Just like the previous engines, these have the full
Kato drive and mechanism.  Most of the alterations done were to make
them look like SW-7's.  For the most part, this mainly involved rounding
the roof.  These also have been lettered for PC, but should be
repainted.  Again, make offer.

Please make all inquiries directly to me at: benedict -AT- htc.net

-Gregg B.

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