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Re: PC: PC fans

Bob Rothrock relates his experience:

> riding the fireman's seat and listening to all the great sounds of the F's 
> making transition while they dug in.

For some people it's certain smells, or sights that trigger the most vivid
memories.  As Bob pointed out, the fantastic sounds of F units doing their
work holds a certain attraction.

I too, am afflicted by these sounds.  When I was growing up in Katonah, NY,
the sounds I always loved to hear were the Hancock air chimes and rumble of
the 567 prime movers of the ex-NH FL9's making their station stop in town.

>From our house, you could hear the locomotives drop power as they approched
the station.  There was a grade crossing right next to the platform, so you
would always get to hear the whistle.  Then the true magic, hearing the
engines load up as the train pulled away from the station. A few moments
later the locos would transition and you could hear them roll away for a
minute or so.

I have video tape of the NH repaints on a fan trip.  I think I'm going to
have to watch and listen to it tonight... :^)

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